Pete Abraham calls the offer a "significant overture."

Ortiz has until Dec. 7 to accept or decline. If he accepts, he would be Red Sox property for 2012. If the sides could not come to an agreement, a one-year contract would be determined via arbitration.


Erik Bedard, Trever Miller, Tim Wakefield, J.D. Drew, Conor Jackson, and Jason Varitek were not offered arbitration. They remain eligible to return.

I still feel like almost every Sox player is for sale, for the right price. I don't think they would take a Pedroia call, or an Ellsbury call, and they said they want Youkilis. But the others are available.

There is a good roundup of actions here. Grady Sizemore is headed back to Cleveland; Albert Pujols was offered arbitration.

Jim Corrigan 11/24/2011 08:51:00 AM Edit
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