ERod update - so far, so good

Jim Monaghan Content Coordinator When it comes to starting pitching, few teams took as big a hit in 2020 as the Boston Red Sox. Photo cou...


Breaking - Red Sox sign OF Hunter Renfroe

Jim Monaghan Content Coordinator The Red Sox have signed free agent outfielder Hunter Renfroe to a one-year deal said to be worth $3.1 mi...


Red Sox close 2020 Winter Meetings with less-than-blockbuster move

Jim Monaghan Content Coordinator maybe the Red Sox didn't have anyone named to the " star-studded 2020 All-MLB Team .&qu...


📽 The best of Nomar Garciaparra in Boston

Highlights from Nomar Garciaparra's nine amazing years in Boston. Rookie of the Year. 6 time All-Star. 2 Batting Titles. Silver Sl...


TeamBoston sports mystery t-shirt package 4 for $18

Back by popular demand! These combo packs are always a smashing success during the holiday seasons and they are back again this year. And...

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