Pretty awkward interview here. You can tell Bobby Valentine is trying to think his answers through before giving them. Those who live for controversy still got a money quote out of him.

"Remember, you're getting paid [at ESPN] for saying stuff. You get paid over here for doing stuff."
If you watch the interview you can tell that Valentine meant no disrespect to Francona by the quote. In fact he adds, "I've done both, immediately afterwards. Yet that hasn't stopped the media from jumping on the story. Peter Abraham of the Boston Globe writes, "Feb. 27 and Francona and Valentine are exchanging shots. It could be an interesting season in that regard."

Again if you watch the interview Valentine isn't exchanging a shot and I'm pretty sure Francona wasn't taking a dig at the new manager. If anything Tito was answering a question honestly and I believe the PR comment was more directed for his old bosses on Yawkey Way and not his replacement.

The funniest part of the above interview is when Valentine goes Mr. Miyagi on the mosquito.

New Red Sox Life writer Pete Mastors has more on the story. You can read "Leave Tito out of it" here.

JR 2/27/2012 05:36:00 PM Edit
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