From Andrew Marchand/ESPN New York
There are no fake mustaches. There is no commenting on other teams. There is no extra mustard.
Not with Joe Girardi, anyway. What you see is what you get.
Girardi is no Bobby Valentine -- and he doesn't want to be.
As far as entertainment, there is no comparison between the two. Valentine spent Monday waving goodbye to the ejected Ozzie Guillen. Girardi was his usual, intentionally bland self.
When talking about the Yankees' exhibition tonight, Valentine sarcastically said, "I won't be able to sleep. This will be a big one. We want to set the tone [Tuesday.] We really want to let them know who we are. Send a message.”
Girardi doesn't believe in sending messages -- sarcastic or otherwise -- through the media. He approaches his job more as just, well, a job, like anyone else's.

I thought that ESPN was supposed to be unbiased reporting? Well, whatever "Andrew Marchand" thinks about these two managerial styles is irrelevant. The thing that really matters is the game at hand today.  These games certainly have a different buzz around them than your usual Spring Training game.

Here's the Red Sox line up:

Aviles SS
Pedroia 2B
Ellsbury DH
Hassan LF
Doubront LHP

This could be Doubront's big chance to prove himself. While the sound of Felix Doubront being the 5th starter for the Red Sox doesn't exactly sound enticing - he is a young kid with some potential. I'll go more in depth on Felix as well as the rest of the candidates for the 5th starter gig later on.

Pete Mastors 3/13/2012 02:51:00 PM Edit
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