Marty Noble/ MLB.com:
JUPITER, Fla. -- A somewhat odd pairing developed during batting practice before the Red Sox's game against the Cardinals on Thursday, when Boston manager Bobby Valentine was being interviewed by Steve Phillips for SiriusXM Radio.
Phillips, who was Valentine's boss during their Mets tenure, recalled times when he and Valentine stood in the same location, bouncing ideas of each other and sharing Mets secrets.
"It's different now," Phillips said. "When we started talking, I said to Bobby, 'Ten years ago, did you ever thing you'd be in this position -- managing the Red Sox -- and I'd be working for SiriusXM, interviewing you?'"

My how the tables have turned since Phillips fired Valentine. Bobby is now the manager of one of the most succesfull franchises in sports history and Phillips has been exiled to Sirius like Napolean to Elba. Don't weep for Phillips - he brought all this on himself when he decided to cheat on his wife with that bridge troll. I don't know how Valentine didn't crack up in Phillips face when he was asked the ten years ago question. Their relationship was absolutely awful in New York so you better believe Bobby is going home tonight, lighting up a cigar, pouring himself a glass of something strong and just smiling himself to sleep. Score one for the skipper today.

Pete Mastors 3/09/2012 02:42:00 PM Edit
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