Welcome to Boaton, where sticking up for your teammate is undermining the manager.

Time heals all wounds, or so we have been told, but here's the real problem with the 2012 Red Sox: whether it was Terry Francona last September or Valentine now, the manager doesn't have a leg to stand on. Players undercut him then and they're undercutting him now. (Shame on them for this.)
We could fill this blog, for months on end, with complaints about local sports coverage. We don't want to do that. But this piece has a particularly common tactic: the players are spoiled children, who must be shamed.

Tell me this is the best sports section in the country again.

Massarotti could have written that the manager's misstep was professionally handled by professional adults giving honest answers to questions asked by Massarotti's colleagues.

But, he didn't.

Jim Corrigan 4/18/2012 07:09:00 AM Edit
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