Nothing, but nothing, would do this team more good than a strong outing from Jon Lester tonight. The game is currently in rain delay but should be under way shortly.

Clicking around checking rumors, I see nothing substantial. Some teams are apparently interested in Cody Ross, but the Sox want to keep him. Matt Garza's name comes up as a potential target -- what else is new?

I don't know what to make of the Crawford talk. One report says the Sox tried to trade him already, for Jose Reyes, but the deal was never close. I don't want to pile on Crawford, because too many people do, but he's become such a question mark that it's hard to picture any team taking the gamble. He has to turn it around here.

Which just puts him in the same boat as the rest of the team, really. They're running out of tomorrows, even in the Wild Card race.

But hope springs eternal. C.C. Sabathia starts for the Yanks tonight. That's bad news for most teams, but there's one team that (almost) always gives him trouble.

Jim Corrigan 7/28/2012 05:58:00 PM Edit
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