Nick Cafardo summarizes the unresolved Mike Napoli discussions.

Major league sources indicate that the language issues are related to a medical situation and that it involves the leg or hip area or both. 
When you pay an arm and a leg for a guy ... too easy?
Cherington would not comment on whether the language was medical.
So there's that. The article ends with Cherington saying he'll keep shopping for first basemen if this doesn't work out.

I note an interesting trend here -- Napoli got three years. At one point our handy news feed reported that he was "determined" to get four. Josh Hamilton wanted seven, but had to settle for five (if you can call five years for $125 million settling).  Zack Greinke got six, but it was the Dodgers, who apparently print money. And you can bet Kevin Youkilis would have liked more than one year.

So are agents overreaching as a tactic, or are clubs avoiding long deals? My guess is both.

Finally, full disclosure, I'd write for Yankees Life for $12 million.

Jim Corrigan 12/13/2012 11:35:00 PM Edit
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