At this moment you may be traveling on the Green Line going from Haymarket to Copley. To distract yourself from listening to a bunch of 14 year-old girls chattering about the latest Justin Bieber news, you hop onto Red Sox Life to escape the torture. Seriously, if that’s you right now I’m sorry that train ride will seem like it takes forever. I’ve been there bro - never again.

If that's you don’t panic. Here on Red Sox Life we've started a weekly segment (it’s weekly and not daily because I’m a commitaphobe) called “The Video Vault” to help you get through these exact situations. Each week we’ll dig deep into our archive to find a moment in Red Sox history that takes you back to a better place and time. Grab hold of that sleepy geriatric next to you and get ready to be transported to, what many would consider, a better time.  

Have you ever day dreamed - right now being one of those times since you’re surround by pre-pubescent teeny-boppers - about moments in Red Sox history that fire you up or inspire you? This week we’re kicking off our "Video Vault" segment by turning the dials back to July 24th of 2004. That's the day Jason Varitek decided to shut Alex Rodriguez up (and down) after Rodriguez was hit by a Bronson Arroyo fastball.

Enjoy the memories Red Sox Nation. I always do.

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Scott Levesque 1/21/2013 04:14:00 PM Edit
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