If Varitek elects to retire, Saltalamacchia has a keepsake. In 2007, while with the Atlanta Braves, he asked Varitek to sign a Red Sox jersey. Above his signature, Varitek scribbled a message: “Catch with pride.”
That's from this Herald blog piece.

Call it a whisper campaign if you like, but I'll say it out loud: it's time to call it a day, Captain.

"BUT HE CAN STILL PLAY!" Lots of guys can still play. My theory: the team is handling this with kid gloves. They know people deserve better exits than Francona got. They're not not in this business to be jerks. But a minor league deal, to the captain of the team, is a pretty clear message. There's no room for Tek on the roster.

Tim Wakefield mentioned his family yesterday. I don't mean to be rude, but his family was still there when he said he still wanted to play. I don't blame anyone for wanting to play. I'd play if I could.

Tek can still play. But there's also the future to think of, and we need to let the future begin.

It's not stepping down. It's stepping up, to lead. Come on, Tek -- go out your own way.

Jim Corrigan 2/18/2012 02:28:00 PM Edit
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