There's some "Fire Bobby Valentine" discussion, and it apparently got loud enough that Sox management issued statements that they stand by him. John Henry chimed in via email.
"To blame Bobby Valentine for the Red Sox being .500 at this point in the season is simply wrong. A lot has been written about injuries to key players this year. The impact of that on the Sox this year should not be discounted.

"In baseball, managers often get too much credit and too much blame for what happens on the field. That seems to be a constant. There is often the thought in organizations, 'This isn't working so the manager needs to go.' But an organization is much more than the field manager. We all share responsibility for the success and failure of the Boston Red Sox. We are not making a change in manager. 
This column by Pete Abraham is a forceful piece that comes down firmly against it. I could quibble with some of his points, but essentially I agree; I don't think Valentine is the problem.

But this stat sure is interesting --
Do you really think Gene Lamont would have figured out a way around 1,119 games missed on the disabled list? Yes, that's one thousand, one hundred and nineteen. It's a record.
There have been exactly 110 games. Multiply that by a 25-man roster and you have 2,750 possible person games.  The games missed, 1,119, is just over 40% of the maximum.

I'm not making excuses for them (or Valentine), but that's stunning. And our scrolling news box keeps adding injury updates every day.

Jim Corrigan 8/07/2012 05:30:00 AM Edit
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