So, going into Spring Training 2013, the Red Sox have an abundance of catchers. I'll come right out with it, I'm a big Salty fan so anyone other than him as our main man next season and I'm going to be very disappointed. It was bad enough that I suffered the trauma of Tek retiring, to deal with the trade or demotion of a Saltalamacchia as well, this could be a challenge for me. I don't take change well in sports. I'm still adjusting to the loss of Cody Ross ... and the fact that Nick Punto is gone. OK, the bit about Punto was a lie but Cody - I liked him. He seemed like he was a good guy and a fast became a fan favorite last year.

Anyway, back to the catchers ... looking at our major league depth chart, we only have 3 on the list - Salty, David Ross and Ryan Lavarnway (who's last name I can never pronounce correctly) however, should Lav not go back to Pawtucket - we're bound to have another 2 waiting in the wings right there. What if in Spring Training the Pawtucket youngsters impress? I know, a trade will happen and the 25 HR power (ish) hitting catcher will be the first to go. But if that's the case, what are we left with? Let's see what Ross and Lavarnway have to offer....

David Ross - brought in to compliment our current switch hitting catcher, he bats right and in 62 games last season for Atlanta, brought them 18 HRs - his batting average was .256 and OBP was .321. In 2011 he played 8 games less and his stats were about the same (14 HRs /.263 /.333) He is however, getting older - before this season begins, he will turn 36. Not everyone can play until they're almost 40 like our old Superman Captain ... hopefully his age won't be a factor.

Ryan Lavarnway - he's been catcher and DH down at Pawtucket. He seems to shine at triple A but when it comes to the big club - he struggles. At the end of the season that shall not be named (2011), he came in as Varitek and Saltalamacchia were both injured and he didnt do too badly - played 17 games, had 39 at bats and got 9 hits - 2 of which were HRs. This past season he had a lot more ABs - 153 to be exact in 46 games and managed 24 hits and the same number of HRs. Can he make it as a major league catcher? He's only young so I can imagine the Red Sox are willing to invest more time on him yet so my bet is a yes however if he doesnt make it with us, as youth is on his side, will he be used to get some decent pitching in a package deal?

We'll see soon enough - only 30 days til voluntary reporting for pitchers and catchers and I, for one, can't wait ... Go Sox

Vicki Grimbley 1/14/2013 05:05:00 PM Edit
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