Webster had a game to forget last night...
Talk about a tale of two teams. While the Bruins fought back from an early 2 - 0 deficit to win 4 - 3 in OT, the Red Sox were only able to fight back once before getting demolished 15 - 8. The one time they were able to fight back was after falling into a 4 - 0 deficit right off the bat (no pun intended). Johnny Gomes ht right back with a grand slam in the bottom half of the first, but the bats weren't able to do much of anything after that, while the Twins' bats proceed to rack up 11 more runs after the 1st. In a post-game interview with NESN, Gomes credited the never say die attitude of the team, pointing specifically to Dustin Pedroia, who was laying out for everything. The simple fact is, and Gomes alluded to this in the interview, the Red Sox will be on the wrong end of more games like this, and they'll be on the right end of a few. The season is 162 games long and we've only played 34 to date. So we still have 128 games left. The point is, it's a long season, and we can't get down because of one skid, because we'll more than likely have a few. The key is learning from the skids and becoming a better team because of it. With the pitching, it might be worth looking into a trade for more pitching, but again, this is one game of a long season and we can't get down because of one bad (well, awful) game. I said this once already and I'll say it again: We still have 128 games left. That's a long time. We still have a lot of time to work through issues, because the team we are now isn't necessarily the team we'll be going into the home stretch. Of course, I was always brought up to find the positives, so all of this might sound optimistic to fans who think the world is ending, but I don't think there is any need to press "Panic".....yet.

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Conor Frederick 5/09/2013 01:15:00 PM Edit
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