Blame game is for the boorish

I guess they have to find something to whine about, whether the Red Sox are winning or if they start losing.

I find it rather boorish, don't you?

It is true that they are facing a bit of adversity in their pitching staff, that there was a collision that accounted for two players being banged up this week, and that the opposition has fallen to blaming Clay Buchholz for doctoring the baseball.

The pitching staff will have to weather setbacks like two of their best relievers on the disabled list, but it might be worse than expected with Joel Hanrahan. The call up of minor league back up talent did not work out so well yesterday, with Allen Webster getting sent back down so fast he did not even get the chance to unpack his bags.

I think articles and crying out that the pitching staff has let things outside baseball get into their heads is not applicable for the starters. The staff is a pretty senior bunch of hurlers that have enough professionalism to focus on the task at hand, which Clay Buchholz did for his 7-0 start this week.

The relievers have been so busy picking up the slack due to injuries, the shuffling around has not seemed to phase the main stayers and they are stepping up to fill the holes including the closer role.

It boils down to a small sample size, losing a few games in a row.

It will happen over a long major league season and with things like injuries to point to as possible reasons for the dip, I don't really worry. Won't every team have to deal with this over the course of a season? Enough crying like a little girl about cheating and playing the blame game, don't you think?

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