Different Feeling for the Sox

This Red Sox season has been one of the most unique in recent memory.  From the Gonzalez and Crawford signings, to the dismal start, to the injuries, and now to the success, it's truly been a roller coaster that's not even halfway over.  The weirdest part of this season, surprisingly enough, has been the Boston Bruins.  With all of the big money names on this team and the massive expectations set, it has been very quiet baseball-wise in this town.  Behind the Black and Gold curtain, however, these Boston Red Sox have put together a 42-27 record after their 10 run outburst against the Brew Crew on Friday night.  The only other team with 40+ wins at the moment is the Philadelphia Phillies, who almost seem destined for a clash with the Boston Bombers (take that Bronx Babies) in October.  Adrian Gonzalez has quietly been putting up Manny-esque numbers (sans fertility drugs) and leading not just the AL, but MAJOR LEAGUE BASEBALL in AVG, RBI, and 2-Baggers.  This guy has been immense for a Red Sox team coming off an injury riddled and disappointing 2010 campaign.  Adrian's bat has spoken for itself, but he bring so much more to the table.  His glove is golden at first base, making some of the most difficult plays look effortless.  His presence in the club house and with the media has been fantastic and he has meshed so well with everything that is Boston.  His biggest impact, however, may be on Big Papi, as Ortiz has hit the Hot Tub Machine and taken himself back to 03-06 Papi.  He is living up to the $12.5 million paycheck, with 17 HRs, 45 RBI, and a .320 AVG.

After consecutive seasons of no protection in the lineup (see Jason Bay departure) and sluggish starts, Ortiz looks like the man who took apart the Yankees in 2004.  One of the best things about his game thus far this year is that he is hitting opposite field.  Beating the shift has always been one of Ortiz's weaknesses, but with a guy like Gonzalez clearly giving him some advice, Papi has discovered that there is such thing as left field.  Gonzalez brings so much to a lineup and he is destined to have his name immortalized among the Boston greats.

 Moral of the story (or column) is that Boston isn't a "Hockey Town" or a "Baseball City," but a city of winners and a city of champions.  A city that has been there before and will be there again, many more times.  This has been evidenced by the multiple instances of the Red Sox moving games to accomodate the Bruins, or Celtics players throwing out the first pitch, or Fenway brass hanging up "Congratulations" banners and signs in the park.  This Red Sox team has been patiently and respectfully waiting while their brethren on Causeway did their thing.  Now it's their time to take over the city.  Now it's their time to dominate the airwaves.  Now it's their time to win and reassert their dominance.  Should we keep the Duck Boats idling in the streets after the Bruins parade?  No, that'd be stupid and pretentious.  But just about halfway through the season it looks like we shouldn't tuck those Duck Boats too far away.  See you in October?  I think so.