I was at the game last night, and yes, the heat was brutal. But you don't get a better night at Fenway.

The Sox won, 3-1. It was Terry Francona's 1,000th win as a manager. And it was Mike Lowell Night, which, like the man, was tastefully understated.

Josh Beckett had a strong outing, despite one home run and several other near-hits that looked scary. Adrian Gonzalez had a key hit.

To help with the heat, they had cooling fans under the stands (which did help) and several vendors selling water outside, which is unusual. One thing about the current Sox management, they get it. Old Sox management, not so much. Fans were taken for granted. OK. we're still taken for granted. But we're not abused, and in retrospect, we used to be. Kudos to the new regime for making the game better (not cheaper ... but oh well).