Hard 21

Ok, so we've discussed Obi Wan Kenobi (Ellsbury), but we haven't talked about Yoda (Pedroia) yet. So, what do you say we do that now. 96 games, 13 Hr, 50 RBI, .299 BA, .402 OBP, .469 SLG % so far in 2011. Oh yeah, and last night he got Blackjack. Nothing special, right. Yeah, in your dreams and while we're at it, in some MLB players dreams as well. Since his debut to Fenway Pawk on August 22, 2006, he has been the little guy that just wont go away. He won Rookie of the Year-2007, AL MVP, a Gold Glove, and a Silver Slugger Award-2008. He has been a 3 time All Star and helped win the World Series in 2007.

There, I just did all your leg work for you, for any argument, with anyone that says the Muddy Chicken is not worthy of being compared to the greats....like Yoda. Depending on who you ask, and what article you read from which publication, he is somewhere between, 5'7'' and 5'9''. So the "experts" say he shouldn't be able to do the things he does or has done. Well, I just hate to be the bearer of bad news, unless I ever get the chance to walk into the yankee club house and punch A-Rod. I guess that would be good news, but just this one time I'll do it. Someone forgot to tell "The Laser Show"a.k.a. "Pedroia the Destroia",a.k.a. "Muddy Chicken", a.k.a. "Pedey", a.k.a "I have more nicknames than you, so shut your Dodger Dog hole!"

I'm guessing that Dustin is not going to take the advise of many a Vegas regular, and cash in his chips tonight. I'm calling his shot. He will have a 57 game hit streak. That will put him 1st on the list, right in front of Joe DiMaggio with 56 and the recently stipped of the title "Charlie Hustle", Pete "Put me down for 10" Rose with 45.
"Nuff Said!"