Sox Trail Yankees. Did You Know?

On any given day, the standings can be found on the homepage of the great Baseball Reference. As I write, the Yankees lead the AL East by half a game.

This is an axe to grind another day, but as the all-star break approaches, I must at least show its handle. The Wild Card does too much damage to the season.

I know, it’s here to stay. It makes the league money, and it opens a lot of possibilities for gamblers. I get it. But the season is 162 games, twice as long as any other major American sport. We need the pennant race to create some suspense.

I lived through 1978. It was awful, it was traumatic – it put me off the Sox for a while. But it also made 2004 sweeter, having lived through that.

A ha! you say. In 2004, the Sox were the Wild Card team. Yes, but this is what 2007 gave us. The Sox threw off the last yolk, winning absolutely everything.

It’s been great. But we need the pennant race back.

Perhaps you think that was a grinding of the axe. Oh no ... I could go on much longer.