Chinese Food

Well well. What do we have here? Another series win against the yankees I believe. Billy Shakespeare couldn't have written a more just and poetic ending to it all than what played out last night. It seems the ONLY team not afraid of Rivera or the entire yankee pitching staff for that matter is the Sox. There isn't a spot in the Red Sox lineup that can't and won't come back to make every yankee fan bury their heads in their hands and cry like...well a yankee fan. I am fortunate enough to have a yankee fan in the family and thanks to the lineup we have this year, that I now refer to as the "Boston Massacre", I have had a blast getting to be the one with a permagrin. Even when Jeter hit his 3,000 hit and became the second player ever to do it with a home run, I got to say a former Red Sox did it first. Been there. Done that.

For years upon years we have played goat to their unicorn. We have been a stepping stone to another yankee World Championship and they have never even been kind enough to knock the dirt off their spikes before stepping all over us. Well now the spikes on the other foot and it feels great. Even the one loss that came in the first game wasn't anything to get all upset about. It happens. Heck, it's happened to Sabathia every single time these to teams have played and he has pitched. That's a pattern. Lester getting roughed up still didn't put the game out of reach as the Sox did in game two. "Oops, I did it again" should be C.C.'s theme song for the rest of the season and I think he should share it with Rivera.

It would be hard to single out just a couple of Sox players to give credit to, as every single one of them did something great a some point in the series. Even Lackey had a night that every Sox fan has been waiting for, for a long time. It's no big secret that these two teams probably will be representing the AL east in the post season, and that we will be playing at least 9 more games against each other this year, giving the yankees the chance to make the "Greatest Comebacks Countdown" show on MLB Network, which by the way has the Red Sox 2004 ALCS currently #1. So there again, the Bronx Sobbers would have to settle for as high as #2. I have the show DVR'ed if any yankee fans don't believe me. I would just love to play it for you. The pleasure would be all mine as I rewind it over and over again.

So to the Red Sox, I have this to say. Lets make like Chinese food and Wok off. I believe that is three in the last six games. "Nuff Said!"