Sox Offense Breaks Out, World is OK Again

After a frustrating, inconsistent few weeks, the Red Sox finally unearthed some Pedro Cerrano magic tonight. Things that went right:

  • Jacoby Ellsbury returned to the lineup.
  • Adrian Gonzalez homered (twice) for the first time since July 30th.
  • The Red Sox scored 11 runs for the first time since July 27th, after averaging just four runs per game this month.
  • Boston won in Arlington for the first time in five tries this year.
  • The Yankees lost, allowing the Red Sox to reclaim a share of the AL East lead (otherwise known as the Not Playing Texas in the ALDS Prize)
  • David Ortiz announced post-game that he intends to play tomorrow night.
  • John Lackey's ERA fell below 6.00 for the first time since the Bush administration.

Seriously, where was Tim Wakefield tonight? The only thing missing was a 200th win celebration. Tito should have just put him in after the top of the first. Lackey can surely donate one of his 12 WINS.