Hello? Is It J.D. Drew You're Looking For?

Horrendous photoshop on my part, but the point should still come across. It would be nice if this fragile $70 million dollar right fielder would actually finish his bloated contract on the field for the Red Sox. I mean Drew isn't the only overpriced guy that Theo has signed that has flopped in Boston. Lackey, Crawford, Lugo, Renteria, Clement, Cameron, Scutaro, Jenks, Dice K all say hello (Am I missing anyone?). 

But in Theo's defense he's also hit on several of his free agent signing the past several years, like... uh I'm sure someone will come to me. How can someone be wrong every time? But Drew is simply maddening. Play though some pain J.D. For once in your career. Is it that much to ask you to finish of your contract heist with some honor?