Rain-Delayed Tigers Drop Game 1

"Can I see some ID?"

TWO rain delays? The baseball gods need to have a chat with the rain gods, who appear to be rooting against the Tigers (which would be fine, if the Tigers were playing the Sox).

Needless to say, you don't want to drop the game with your ace. Of course the ace didn't have to let Nelson Cruz go deep in the fourth, but there we are. I think today's game, which has a fairly even pitching matchup, is must-win for Detroit.

Zack Greinke, 2009 Cy Young winner and currently Milwaukee's second-best pitcher*, gets the ball tonight. The Cardinals are sending the respectable Jamie Garcia (above), pitching in his first postseason. He's 25. Probably.

Former Sox to Root For / Or Against:
- Victor Martinez, Texas DH
- Mark Kotsay, Detroit RF (he was here in 2008)

Is that it? I must be missing someone.

By the way, MLB, this new tighter schedule for these games is much better. Kudos.

*Greinke is still good. He's just having the second best year on this team that's still playing. Must be a coincidence.