The Video Vault: Special assistant Pedro "Peety" Martinez

Today the Red Sox announced that Pedro “Peety” Martinez would be rejoining the Red Sox organization as a special assistant to the general manager. I don’t know what a “special assistant to the general manager” does exactly, but I’m stoked to have him back in Beantown. I won’t speak on behalf of the entire Red Sox Nation (although I could and most of the time should) but I miss the guy. He had quite a run with the Sox and I’m glad he’s back in Boston again. 

Today we celebrate Peety's return with four videos that represent a few of his defining moments as member of the Red Sox. I hope you enjoy the heck out of these videos, I know I did.  

1. Do you remember September 10th, 1999? No? How about when Pedro Martinez struck out 17 Yankee batters while giving up just one solo home run to some guy named Chili Davis, I do. Let's revisit that faithful September night when Pedro became the Yankee's daddy.

2. Martinez has always been known as a dominant starting pitcher - especially with the Red Sox. Yet many of us forget his legendary relief performance during the 1999 ALDS against Cleveland. Pedro enters the game in the fourth inning and proceeds to pitch six scoreless innings. It’s just another reason why Peety is a Hall of Famer. 

3. Pedro might look back on this incident with Don Zimmer with some regret. Then again maybe he thinks the guy got what he deserved, after all it as Zimmer who came charging after Martinez during the scuffle. Without a doubt this is one of Pedro’s defining moments. 

4. In 1999 Pedro went 23-4 with 313 strikeouts and a 2.07 ERA. There’s not much more to say after that stat line. It’s safe to say that 1999 could, no should, be defined as the “Year of Pedro Martinez.” He was on fire from the mound which is why three of his defining moments come from that year.  

BONUS: Here's the entire series of events that led to the Red Sox/Yankee meltdown resulting in Pedro Martinez throwing Don Zimmer to the ground. Listen to Joe (I don't know how to call a game and not show my favoritism for NY teams) Buck as he blames Pedro for the entire incident. Hey Joe, Zimmer came after Pedro not visa versa. Get it right you New York homer.

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