Alfredo Aceves refuses to "play ball" during a live batting practice

It didn’t take long a Red Sox player to go DIVA on us and whip up some early spring training drama. The DIVA in question is one Alfredo Aceves as he “refused” to throw at full strength during a live batting practice session. Aceves was scheduled to throw on Sunday, but things didn’t go as planned according to Red Sox manager John Farrell.

“The one thing I’ll say about that is he didn’t go through the drill as intended”

This isn’t the first time that Aceves has been a problem for the organization, and although it seems relatively minor Farrell made sure to address it immediately.

“We have addressed it. As I said his session on the mound didn’t go as intended, so he’s health and it’s been addressed it.”

While discussing the Aceves situation with the media on Sunday Farrell looked irritated by the whole thing - frankly who could blame him. Moving forward the relationship between Farrell and Aceves will be something to watch for especially if Aceves continues his erratic behavior.

(Video courtesy of Mike Petraglia)

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