Ben Cherington warns Alfredo Aceves about further disruptions

It took Red Sox general manager Ben Cherington less than 24-hours to respond to the Alfredo Aceves’ situation, and he did so in direct fashion. According to Cherington contacted Aceves' manager Tim O'Connell and let him know that the Red Sox organization will no longer tolerate client's behavior. (I'm assuming that was the polite version).

It's clear Aceves was playing the part of a 3rd grader testing the limits (and patience) of the substitute teacher. That's all fine and dandy until the substitute calls your bluff and things get awkward real fast. Unfortunately Red Sox manager John Farrell had to play the part of the substitute teacher, and quickly confronted the right-hander. After the "discussion" Aceves performed the drill as intended, but only after that impromptu meeting with Farrell. 

It seems as though Aceves' issues this season deal mainly with his role within the Red Sox pitching rotation. The Sox have designated Aceves as a relief pitcher when he has clearly expressed interest in a starting role. Keep an eye on this situation as spring training and the season progresses - Alfredo might become trade bait if he's not careful.

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