Blue Jays hold animosity towards John Farrell?

The Boston Red Sox had their first game against the Toronto Blue Jays on Monday, and this was the first time that Manager John Farrell coached against his former team. As expected the fans of the Blue Jays were slightly upset about Farrell choosing to become the manager of the Boston Red Sox and voiced their opinions before, during and after the game. Farrell was the manager of Toronto for two years compiling a 154-170 record. He was previously the pitching coach of the Red Sox under Terry Francona, and was expected to be one of the front running candidates for the position that was filled by Bobby Valentine after the firing of Francona. When offered to the job this past offseason it is no surprise that Farrell jumped at the opportunity to manage the Red Sox, he had fond memories of the 2007 World Series Championship that he won as a coach of the team. It is technically true that the Red Sox traded for Farrell this offseason giving up short stop Mike Aviles to Toronto.
At the game on Monday Farrell was given much ridicule from fans, as expected the team was playing at Toronto's spring training facility. When introduced before the game began Farrell was booed and jeered. After the game during an interview with the press a still bitter fan shouted "You suck Farrell!" which didn't faze our manager but instead he ended his meeting with the media with a quick "I gotta go meet up with my buddy who yelled at me." I think its time that all fans face the facts, Farrell never belonged in Toronto, he never fit in too well with the team there and he's back in the uniform he belongs in, a Red Sox one. Im sure that the first series Boston plays in Toronto this season on April 5-7th will be an interesting one with quite a few comments made towards Farrell, but he is a professional, im sure they wont get to him and he will continue to love being the Red Sox manager. Grow up Toronto, its time you learned some manners.

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