Bobby V Makes Most Bobby V Career Move Ever

Former Red Sox manager Bobby Valentine has been named the new athletic director at Sacred Heart University. While Valentine has no experience in college athletics, administration or even a college degree he should be a natural for the position.

In academia fundraising matters above all else. The state of higher education in this country is such that educating students is at best a secondary consideration. When Bobby V wants to be he can be extremely charming. Who better to schmooze wealthy, would-be donors? Especially in his native Western Connecticut where he is still a revered figure.

I can picture Bobby V walking from practice field to practice field. One moment he would instruct the girls soccer team how to properly execute an offside trap, the next he will make sure the cross country runners run with a proper toe strike. Maybe he can use his building skills to help maintain the facilities at Sacred Heart. With over 20 coaches reporting to the athletic director the position requires a person with the intellectual curiosity of a Bobby V.

Least of all Bobby V will be able to do what even his critics agree he does best: generate attention. Most athletic departments lose money and in the northeast college athletics struggle for media attention. Honestly, I had no idea Sacred Heart had a Division 1 program until half an hour ago.

Close your eyes and imagine the men's basketball team making a run for the NCAA Tournament. Bobby V would be on camera more than Stefan Curry's parents ever were. I wouldn't put it past Bobby V to paint his face and watch the game in the student's section.

Hell, maybe he could do what John Calipati did when he first arrived at UMass, but instead of delivering pizzas to get students to the games, Bobby V can walk around campus with a platter full of wraps.