It's all a numbers game with the Red Sox

There are two reasons why I hate when players change jersey numbers. First it always takes me about half the season to remember they actually have a new number. I’m either yelling out at the field asking why Middlebrooks isn't playing third base (when in reality he is playing third) or feeling like an idiot because I’m yelling at the TV for (insert wrong player name here) to round third when it’s really Daniel Nava I'm trying to encourage to move faster - Never fails that this happens when my buddies are over, dammit. 

My final reason has to do with buying team apparel. If I buy your jerseys as a rookie don’t go and change it the next season (that goes for veterans as well). I know I’m supporting the local economy by purchasing your latest number change, but dang it’s costing me an arm and a leg to keep up. Now that my overly dramatic rant is finished here are this year's Red Sox number changes and additions.  
  1. Jose Iglesias - now 10 (before 58)
  2. Will Middlebrooks - now 16 (before 64)
  3. Ryan Lavarnway - now 20 (before 60)
  4. Pedro Ciriaco - now 23 (before 77)
  5. Daniel Nava - now 29 (before 66)
  6. Felix Doubront - now 35 (before 61) 
  7. Junichi Tazawa - now 36 (before 63)
The newly acquired veterans (all starting a new chapter with the Red Sox organization in 2013) have been given their Red Sox jersey numbers for the season. Be sure to memorize carefully because you don't want to mistake David Ross for Jonny Gomes (EMBARRASSING).
  1. David Ross - 3 (formerly Mike Aviles)
  2. Jonny Gomes - 5 (formerly Nick Punto) 
  3. Stephen Drew - 7 (formerly Cody Ross)
  4. Shane Victorino - 18 (formerly Daisuke Matsuzaka) 
  5. Koji Uehara - 19 (formerly Josh Beckett)
  6. Brock Holt - 26 (formerly Scott Podsednik) 
  7. Ryan Dempster - 46 (formerly Franklin Morales, now 56) 
  8. Joel Hanrahan - 52
Let's not forget about the reconstructed Red Sox coaching staff starting with new Red Sox manager John Farrell. Farrell will be wearing number 53 this season. Below are the rest of the coaching staff's jersey numbers.
  1. Brian Butterfield -13 (third base coach)
  2. Torey Lovullo - 22 (bench coach)
  3. Greg Colbrunn - 28 (hitting coach)
  4. Arnie Beyeler - 43 (first base coach)
  5. Juan Nieves - 47 (pitching coach)
  6. Victor Rodriguez - 58 (assistant hitting coach)
There you have it Red Sox Nation all the changes in uniform numbers for the 2013 season. Be sure to go out and buy those new player jerseys at your local Dick's Sporting Goods, Modells or online. One piece of advice - keep those receipts because who knows what will happen next year when numbers are up for grabs, again.

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