Local player ready for his shot with the Red Sox

Pitcher Terry Doyle grew up as a baseball phenom in Salem, New Hampshire. The town once rallied around the young star, who they also affectionately knew of because he worked at his father's local convenience store. His local fame was at its prime as he was selected to the All-State team as a junior, then proceeded to go 10-0 as a senior. He then took his talents to Chestnut Hill, MA to play for the Boston College Eagles.

Doyle's road to becoming a member of Red Sox Nation was nothing short of unique, while he prefers to call it the "scenic route". He was a senior-year draft pick headed to the Chicago White Sox, then a Rule 5 draft pick by the Twins. Eventually, he would head to Fukuoka in Japan. ESPNBoston.com also mentioned that he had brief stints as a substitute teacher in Rhode Island as well.

After Fukuoka chose not to pick up the option in Doyle's contract, he was informed of a try-out with the Red Sox. Shortly after the bullpen session, the Sox gave him an offer. He promptly responded to the offer by telling the organization that he would take the night to consider the offer:
“I hung up the phone and looked at my dad and said, ‘What am I doing?’’’ Doyle said. “Yeah, let’s do it.’’ 
Scheduled to be a starter in Pawtucket's starting rotation, Doyle will get his shot with the Red Sox this week in the annual exhibition game against Boston College. Born in Massachusetts, raised in New Hampshire, and currently living in Rhode Island, Doyle is sure to have the support of all of New England. Not because they are expecting him to be the next big star, but because he is the local boy living his dream.

Anthony Aidonidis