Lucchino expects sellout streak to end

Early Thursday morning in Fort Myers, Florida the Red Sox President/CEO Larry Lucchino addressed the media. Among the topics discussed Lucchino addressed the current Red Sox sell out streak, currently listed at 793 games. Lucchino was quoted saying "It's going to rest in peace, I think, sometime in April, I suspect,That's not such a terrible thing. It's an extraordinary accomplishment". This is quite true the fact that the Red Sox have sold out Fenway Park for almost 10 years is amazing. Fenway park holds approximately 36,000 people, and the Sox play 82 games a year there. Now im not a number nerd but thats 2,952,000 people that go to watch a game in Fenway Park every year. After 10 years thats over 29.5 million people that have gone to a home Red Sox game. Alright I lied I am in fact a big nerd for numbers. Maybe if the Red Sox dont sell out every game this year they will bring ticket prices down and help poor broke college kids, like me, go to more sox games. But who am I kidding, with these owners? Not going to happen.

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