Mike Carp owes future success to Curt Schilling

Curt Schilling will always be a part of Red Sox history. Who could forget the “bloody sock” in game 6 of the 2004 ALCS when Schilling pitched seven dominate innings against the rival Yankees while just hours before he underwent reconstructive surgery? Red Sox Nation will always remember and appreciate the greatest comeback in MLB history.
On Friday newly acquired first baseman/outfielder Mike Carp arrived at Fort Myers, Florida to begin spring training with the Red Sox. Upon arrival he was given a unique gift, one he better appreciate due to its infamous past with the team.
“I’ve always been in the 20′s (for a jersey number). I’m proud to wear it (number 38) if Schilling was the last to wear it. It’s quite a person to follow. Hopefully he took the strikeouts with him.”

In a text Schilling responded to the news that his beloved number “38” was now in the hands of lesser Red Sox company - in true Curt fashion he used the opportunity for some well placed sarcasm and verbal jabs
“Clearly the athletic ability inherent in, and now transferred to Mike, will give him a huge advantage. Also, if he finds himself answering media questions with depth and breadth he’s not used to, well, that’s likely the number’s fault, as well. Also, if he finds himself becoming conservative and believing in smaller govt., well that’s not the number but tell him I’m proud of him.”

You've got to admire the presumption Schilling brings to the table on this topic. He's essentially saying that anything Carp accomplishes as a Red Sox (with that number) is because of the individual who came before him. Well played Schill, very well played.

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