Who to Follow this Spring Training

Oh the weather outside is frightful, but the 2013 season looks delightful. Well, at this year hasn't started yet, so everyone starts in first place. If you are snowed in today, why not spend some time getting some inside looks at the 2013 Boston Red Sox in Spring Training? Open up a twitter account and follow the players and the reporters that will be in Florida this February and March. You will not be disappointed.

The nice part about twitter is that it gives you an in-depth look into what is going on in that player’s life that moment. Some players share a lot of good information about how they are feeling, what they are seeing, and what their interests are. And for some Red Sox, you get to see them as humans, not as just the players.

Here are 10 people I would follow, in order of preference, if you love the Red Sox and you like twitter.

1) Will Middlebrooks @Middlebrooks 6,000 tweets
Will has spent the off-season around Boston, tweeting pictures everywhere he steps. He has been to Boston Children’s Hospital, helping with the Jimmy Fund (he is the 2013 Co-Captain of the Jimmy Fund), he was at Kid’s Fest at Fenway lat month, and he likes to ask what the fans are up to.
2) Shane Victorino @shaneVictorino 6,600 tweets
One of the newest Red Sox players spends a lot of time in his native home state, Hawaii. He has tweeted pictures of his family, his new shoes, his Oahu Charity Golf Tournament, and likes to converse with the occasional fan.
3) Joel Hanrahan @hanrahan52 3,600 tweets
This year’s closer took over the @RedSox twitter account one day in January and we all got a good glimpse of how goofy this family man is.
4) Jackie Bradley Jr @JackieBradleyJr 10,300 tweets
No, he is not officially on the Red Sox yet, but this top prospect makes tweeting fun. Jackie runs many contents giveaways, and just had dinner with a South Carolina family who won a recent twitter contest. And yes, because I interviewed him last month, he gets a mention in this article.
5) Daniel Nava @dnavs33 1,600 tweets
Religious man Daniel Nava has worked hard to get where he is now, and don’t let him think he has forgotten about his fans. Nava was at the Kid’s Fest in Boston with Middlebrooks, and spent some time around Boston giving away free Dunkin Donuts. This is a player whom we all want to do well this year.
6) Jon Lester @JLester31 2,300 tweets
Jon spends a lot of his twitter time re-tweeting fans and their comments. As a cancer survivor, Lester re-tweets many of his fans who are struggling with cancer and need some encouragement. Here, you can also see the large hunting fan that Lester is.
7) Jerry Remy @Jerry_Remy 4,300 tweets
When looking for general information on the Red Sox, look no further than the voice of the Red Sox, Jerry Remy. He will tweet about interesting baseball news, and stats you should be aware of.
8) Pete Abraham @PeteAbe 34,400 tweets
This Boston Globe writer provides up to the minute insider info about the Red Sox from Spring Training. He’s definitely worth the follow if you care about how this season's team is coming together.
9) Boston Red Sox @RedSox 12,100 tweets
Want info on the Red Sox? Well, why not hear it directly from the Lion’s mouth? This twitter account will keep you “officially” informed.
10) Rob Bradford @bradfo 8,500 tweets
This WEEI editor has already been tweeting nuggets of great information about this season’s Spring Training. Follow him now to see pics of “Coach” Pedro or to learn information about who is trying out for 1st base for the Red Sox.

Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow.

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