Brian Wilson will never be a Yankee

It is easy to hate your favorite baseball team's rival when you are just a fan, but when you're a major league player who's out of a job, exceptions can be made. Brian Wilson grew up in Winchester, MA as a fan of the Red Sox. Like any other Sox fan, a deep seeded hatred of the New York Yankees has existed in him for as long as he can remember. However, Wilson has also been trying to find a new team since Tommy John surgery ended his last season. 

So who else but TMZ would find this guy? He's been out of the spotlight for months now, and hasn't been a serious target for any team. You would think that somebody who is struggling to find a place to land would be open to anything, right? Nope. Red Sox fans are passionate throughout their entire lives, as Brian Wilson would tell you. When the TMZ reporter asked him if he would shave his beard to play for the Yankees, Wilson calmly responded:
"I'm from Boston."

Here's the video for you, in which the bearded and stained-shirted pitcher shuts down any notion that he would join the Evil Empire...

Not really much to analyze here. Brian Wilson will not be a New York Yankee; plain and simple. As for who may actually be interested in the reliever, it's hard to tell. reports that Wilson had a tryout pitching-session with the New York Mets, but 11 months after a surgery that normally requires 12 months to fully recover, neither Wilson nor the team was content with his arm-strength. Supposedly he could land with the team after Opening Day, most likely so he can continue to work on his arm.

Anthony Aidonidis