Chipper Jones to join the Red Sox via Twitter

Would you look at that even future hall of fame baseball players are not above trolling Twitter for more followers. The only difference is, unlike myself, Chipper Jones has the ability to do it without really trying all that hard. The former Atlanta third baseman sent a random tweet into the Twittersphere for those rabid MLB fans to chomp on.  
The "Rossy" Jones refers to in his tweet is Red Sox catcher David Ross. Apparently both Ross and Jones were in on the joke, but that didn't stop the rumor mill from swirling - not to mention Jones added ten thousand new followers to his Twitter account, mission accomplished.

However things quickly spiraled out of control as Ross found himself trending on Twitter and having to coming up with some way to explain - to Red Sox management - all the rumors flying around Twitter.

“I asked him if he was staying retirement, and he said, 'I ain't going nowhere,'” Ross said. “I came in thinking I'd help him out, but then I realized it probably wasn't a good idea. It's funny to Chipper, but all of a sudden if my name's attached to it, I might have to answer to our front office.”

It looks like Ross got a "small" taste of just how powerful social media can be these days. I'm assuming next time he'll make sure those retirees sign a nondisclosure agreement before joking about coming out of retirement, just sayin'.

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