Crawford performing worse than his time in Boston

Carl Crawford left Boston last season in the trade with the Los Angeles Dodgers and has continued to be bitten by the injury bug. Crawfords time in Boston was frowned upon by fans and media, he was the a classic case of underachieving while under a major contract. Crawford hasn't participated much in spring training yet of the Dodgers because of his recovery from Tommy John surgery. According to Rotoworld Crawford is expected to hit off of a batting t on Thursday.
If Crawford hasn't been hitting yet the probability is that he will not be ready for opening day. If we as Red Sox fans know anything about Crawford's time in boston he will try to rush back from this injury as well and worsen the injury. The other members of the blockbuster trade last season, Gonzalez and Beckett continue to soak up the California sun, but this is Josh Beckett we are talking about. Im sure he has already picked out the best fried chicken spot in a 50 mile radius of Dodger Stadium. Back in beantown the Sox are buzzing, our prospects are performing well in spring training and the future is brighter then the California sun with the sox.

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