Daniel Bard Sent Down to AA

While pitching coach Juan Nieves said Bard is, "on the right track," the decision was made to send Bard to the minors to continue ironing out the kinks before counting on him to get major league hitters out. Bard was sent to AA Portland as opposed to Pawtucket due in no small part to his relationship with Sea Dogs Pitching Coach Bob Kipper. That Bard is being sent to one of the best beer cities in America was apparently not a consideration.
Bard will continue putting the pieces back together in AA.

The only argument for bringing Bard to the majors as opposed to Clayton Mortensen is that Mortensen, who is out of options would have a better chance of clearing waivers before the season as clubs flood the waiver wire trying to get players through before sending them to the minors. As a 12th man in the bullpen, Mortensen will be fine. When either Craig Breslow or Franklin Morales are ready to come back, or Bard can consistently locate his upper 90's heat from two years ago, Mortensen might share the same fate that Michael Bowden did last April.