Did Middlebrooks pave the way for Jackie Bradley Jr.?

Exactly one year ago the Boston Red Sox faced a difficult decision, what should happen with Will Middlebrooks? The management came together and decided that the best decision for both Middlebrooks and the team was to send him down to Pawtucket to continue to develop. Last spring training Middlebrooks proved that he was ready to play in the Major Leagues but because of a surplus of talent at the third base position he continued to play for Pawtucket. By his call up to Boston in May, Middlebrooks had compiled 100 AB, hitting a .333 average with 9 home runs. After his call up Middlebrooks hit for a .288 average and had an OBP (On Base Percentage) of .835. Middlebrooks is now expected to be a cornerstone for the franchise at the hot corner, and a powerful bat in the middle of the teams lineup.
This season the Red Sox management have a similar decision to make, this time involving the promising Jackie Bradley Jr. Bradley Jr. entered training camp as a long shot to make the Opening Day roster but because of a stellar spring training and injuries to the club Bradley Jr. has a legitimate shot of being part of the teams 25 man roster. When asked about his time in AAA last season and if he thought it would be beneficial to JBJ, Middlebrooks said “I needed every at-bat I had in the minors, The year before, I had kind of figured out an approach and a routine, and I was able to make that more of a habit so when I got here, I was able to hit the ground running”.
The decision is up to management on what to do with JBJ, he would excel in the majors with Boston but his development would slow considerably. I personally believe that the best decision would be to send him down to Pawtucket for the majority of the season, if he is performing well then to call him up when an injury in the outfield occurs, because lets be honest this is the Red Sox, if something good is happening something bad will follow. But for now its all up to management, but does one amazing spring training really mean that he should begin the season in Boston? Id have to argue no, but he will see time with the club at some point this season. Agree, disagree do it below in the comments or on twitter @Ryanthahawaiian