Former Red Sox Manny Ramirez makes his Far East debut (VIDEO)

Nothing like finding a pic of any major leaguer with dredlocks
and putting him on a sign. Sorry Johnny Cueto

The 40 year old hitting sensation known simply as "Manny" made his debut last Wednesday in Taiwan, and his fans loved every minute of it. Manny Ramirez hit two singles in front of 20,000 fans in a 9-8 Rhinos loss to the Brother Elephants.

Manny is using the Chinese Professional Baseball League as a way to restart his career and show that he is still worthy of a Major League contract. He is making $25,000 a month, which of course is pennies compared to what he made with Boston, but it still makes him the highest paid foreigner in the troubled league, which has had problems with match-fixing in its 24 year history. The influx of Manny to the league has definitely sparked an interest over there, as fans have been showing up in dreadlocks and with signs of Johnny Cueto (whoops!).

Take a look at the video of Ramirez's at bats, and you can still see signs of that sweet swing and balanced body. His glide to the plate still seems effortless. I hope to see a clean Manny come back for one more final push in the Majors, but I think the league has had enough of his act. Too bad.

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