Has Jon Lester pitched his way into starting Opening Day?

Jon Lester has been nothing short of magnificent so far this spring training. He has started 2 games and has a 2-0 record. In his most recent outing, Friday night against the Pittsburgh Pirates he pitched 3 scoreless innings, had 2 strikeouts, one walk and one hit. Lester increased his workload since his first start, this time throwing 46 pitches, 28 of them for strikes. Lester said "I was able to do some of the same things that we've talked about earlier, staying tall and driving the ball downhill and was able to do that tonight". This is certainly an improvement to the Jon Lester we saw last season who struggled the entire year.
While Lester is 2-0 and has yet to allow a run in 5 innings pitched this year I am skeptical of saying that Lester deserves the nod to start opening day this early in spring training. Lester will most likely get 3 more starts in Florida and could work his inning total to upwards of 7 innings and 100 pitches per outing. If Lester has a productive next two starts I think then he should be given the start on Opening Day in New York. This years first game is going to be more important than most opening days the Red Sox have had because of the turmoil of last season, to get a win would be great for the team and their fans. While Lester has proven he is in contention to pitch Opening Day I still feel its early to officially announce that he will be the starter on April 1st.

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