Jackie Bradley Jr's ONLY hope for a roster spot (#KEEPJBJ)

Let’s all be honest for a moment and agree that Jackie Bradley Jr. (JBJ) is playing out of his mind this spring. Due to his outstanding performances on the field there’s a movement among many in Red Sox Nation to have JBJ become a permanent member of the Red Sox 2013 roster. Since we’re all being honest I’ll admit I’m one of those “people” that want JBJ with the Sox from opening day.

Here’s where the problem lies. Its convincing Red Sox manager John Farrell that JBJ is more of an asset with the team immediately then sending him down to Triple A Pawtucket to “grow more as a player.” How do we do that? Well BostonDirtDogs.com has come up with a phenomenal idea. By using the power of the Twitter hashtag (#) we (Red Sox Nation) could start a Twitter movement that John Farrell and the Red Sox organization couldn’t ignore even if they didn’t provide free internet to their players – which would definitely cut down the number of Bigfoot tweets from Pedroia considerably.

Here's how it works: From now one when tweeting about Jackie Bradley Jr., the Red Sox or anything dealing with the two aforementioned topics use the Twitter hashtag #KEEPJBJ. I'll be doing it till April 1st when the Red Sox play the Yankees in Yankee Stadium on opening day. As every leadership class tells me: "Be apart of the solution, not the problem."

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