Our birthday gift to Rubby De La Rosa

Rubby De La Rosa turns 24 years old today (thanks again, Dodgers), so I thought what better gift can we give to Rubby -- and ourselves -- than a reminder of how good he is?

Here's some quotes about the young righty since officially being traded to the Red Sox on October 4.

Former minor league pitching coach Chuck Crim:
His main pitch is his tremendous fastball, anywhere from 94-100 mph with very good movement on it. His main secondary out-pitch is his changeup, which is what we consider in the scouting world [on the 20-80 scouting scale, with 80 being the highest) an 80 changeup. It's very deceptive, especially with his arm speed and fastball… It’s unbelievable.”
Very few guys have that arm speed that Rubby has and still are able to start, carry innings and have a tremendous out-pitch...I would say a guy like…Pedro Martinez. The throw is different, but the stuff is there… I consider the attitude the same — the mound presence is very confident that he can get anybody out. With that guy’s stuff, who wouldn’t be confident?

John Farrell:
He’s been impressive, not just in terms of the sheer stuff, but his ability to manipulate the baseball... He’s got a good feel for his changeup. He can throw his breaking ball for strikes."
"…He’s not only willing but goes to [the changeup] with confidence and when you combine that with the power, it's really a rare combination. And just with two outings in spring training, he's not been afraid to go to any pitch in any count. It's been very encouraging the way he's thrown the baseball."

Pedro Martinez:
Anything you want to do in baseball, as far as pitching, that kid has a chance…He has an opportunity to be someone special. Not just a regular player, but special. When you see someone like De La Rosa you think someone special, like a [Roger] Clemens, a Juan Marichal. You think about elite players. That’s the type of stuff he has.”

Even Dustin Pedroia has chimed in:
He’s got electric stuff.

Rubby, from everyone here at Red Sox Life, Happy Birthday!

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