Prediction: Will Middlebrooks will be the Red Sox mid-season MVP

I wouldn't necessarily say that this is a bold prediction. I'm sure plenty of fans would agree with me on this one because of production, attitude, and leadership. Last season when a majority of team failed to provide a spark or even a small glimpse of hope, Will Middlebrooks emerged from the minor leagues and brought life to the Red Sox. With his trademark "Wake and Rake" attitude, the former backup managed to secure a starting spot at third base, effectively forcing Kevin Youkilis out of town.

If you ask me, Middlebrooks is the easy answer for mid-season MVP prediction. Not only does he produce at a high level, he just has this sort of swagger about him. He's a baller; he puts 100% into everything he does, and typically does well at it. After a wrist injury ended his first season with the team in 2012, Middlebrooks has worked his hardest to come back better than ever.

In regards to his recent injury that caused some scares, Sox fans can breath a sigh of relief because he has since been cleared to continue Spring Training. Middlebrooks additionally participated in position-specific training with former World Series MVP Mike Lowell, receiving some wisdom and tips of the trade from the fan favorite. It usually isn't easy to make predictions like this, but Middlebrooks has left little room for doubt.

Anthony Aidonidis