Red Sox are cautiously optimistic with Jacoby Ellsbury

Red Sox center fielder Jacoby Ellsbury has shown so much promise and potential throughout his career... when he's played. The problem for the young star is that he seems to get injured a lot. When he's healthy, Ellsbury can play at an MVP level (via 2011). The problem is, he has rarely been healthy. So the recent news of Ellsbury's heel injury did not surprise many fans.

The Sox outfielder left Sunday's game in the first-inning after jamming his heel in an attempt to get back to first base when pitcher Cliff Lee tried to pick him off. Ellsbury stayed in the game initially and even attempted to steal second but soon after, the team decided to take him out of the game. The injury does not seem serious, and Ellsbury himself wanted to keep playing:
"I told [trainer] Rick [Jameyson] to tape it up and 'let's go,'" Ellsbury said. "But I feel good. It just got a little tight, but it's nothing of a concern. I'm sure we'll look at it tomorrow, but I mean, the way I feel, I feel good about it." 

My initial reaction to the news was an irrited "are you serious?!" attitude; this guy just can't stay on the field! News then later came out that Ellsbury was already scheduled to sit out for Monday's game against the Orioles in addition to the team's day off on Tuesday. Manager John Farrell  has said that the team is being 'cautiously optimistic' with the outfielder.

This isn't a criticism of Ellsbury by any means. He's a fantastic player and most of Red Sox Nation thinks very highly of him. Quick note: remember when he stole a base in the 2007 World Series and won all of America free tacos from Taco Bell? That was sweet! Anyways, Ellsbury has unfortunately had a bad luck streak with injuries. When it comes down to it, if Ellsbury wants to get the big paycheck that he will certainly be seeking next offseason as a free agent, he has to remain healthy. Oh yeah, and the Sox need him too.

Anthony Aidonidis