Red Sox panic? Ben Cherington isnt ready to.

While much of Red Sox Nation is getting ready to panic about the start of the teams season, General Manager Ben Cherington is not quite ready to push the panic button quite yet. With 11 days left until opening day the team should be be almost ready and the opening day roster should be completely ready and performing at a level that will allow them to compete all season long. This year David Ortiz is not ready to play. He hasnt played all spring training and will not be ready for the beginning of the season. When asked about the team yesterday Cherington said “We’re feeling good about the group we have here, You always want to be 100 percent healthy, and we are not 100 percent healthy. But the (injuries) we have going on are things that guys will recover from, and there have been a lot of other encouraging things in camp.”
One of the options that Cherington could choose is to go find replacements but he feels the need to not to. Cherington said “If there’s a move to be made, we haven’t uncovered it yet. It hasn’t emerged,” Cherington is confidant in this teams ability to perform and us fans should be too. If we dont stand behind the decisions that are made then we dont deserve to be the Fenway faithful. The team needs all the support they can get, especially after last season. Its time to rise up and stand behind this team, be loud and be proud, we are Red Sox Nation.
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