Time to worry about Ortiz?

The Red Sox have already played 10 games during spring training and the most familiar face in the organization has yet to take a single at bat. Yes thats right, David Ortiz has yet to step into the batters box in an official spring training game so far. With less than a month until Opening Day it is starting to get worrisome that Ortiz isnt getting playing time due to injury. On Sunday Ortiz was scheduled to participate in a base running drill but because of a pain in his right achilles he didn't participate in the drill. Ortiz participated in practices Saturday and told team doctors that he expects to feel some soreness after participating the previous day. The club now has 24 games left in spring training and it is projected that to be ready for Opening Day Ortiz will need at least 30 AB's. This is easily achievable but Ortiz needs to start running everyday soon in order to be able to start playing. One of the last things the team needs to begin the season is for the leader both on and off the field to not be ready to go game 1.

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