Xander Bogaerts sent down to Minor League

Xander Bogaerts most likely knew that when he decided to play in the World Baseball Classic, his chance at a roster spot with the Red Sox would take a blow. Well, the prospect opted to join the Netherlands and compete on the grand stage. The experience will likely be something that he will remember for the rest of his life and teammates have supported this decision. Manager John Farrell reiterated that in addition to Bogaerts current situation:
"Very mature," Red Sox manager John Farrell recently said of Bogaerts. "You know, he's very much at ease in this environment. He hasn't seemed to be in awe in any type of way. I think the WBC experience for him was tremendous, given the settings he played in, the players and teams he went up against."

The downside, Bogaerts did not have much time to train with the Red Sox. After an 0-for-1 appearance in Monday's exhibition game against the Orioles, Bogaerts was reassigned to the minors. Not really much of a shocker here; it was speculated that Bogaerts was sacrificing a major league roster spot when he decided to play in the WBC. In his short time with the Sox (before and after the WBC) he got two hits in seven at-bats.

The 20-year-old shortstop will likely be headed to Double-A Portland according the the Red Sox official website. Originally touted as the organizations top prospect, Bogaerts was quickly overshadowed as Jackie Bradley Jr. swiftly won the hearts fans. Even still, Bogaerts' pro baseball career is only beginning. 

Anthony Aidonidis