3 Stars of the game: Game 19

Power lead the Red Sox over the Oakland Athletics on a chilly night in Fenway. An early start (6:35) seemed like a good idea in afterthought seeing as the game still ended after 10pm. When the game ended it was a cold 41* in the park and many fans left early because of the weather. Those who remained were bundled up in their scarfs to watch the sox pull out the victory in the end. This 3 run victory has given the team the MLB lead in run differential with a +34. Here are your 3 stars of the game:

Star 3: Josh Donaldson
Donaldson was all over the bases tonight for the A's, it seemed like whenever he came up to bat there were runners on base and when he got on base there were always men at the plate to bring him in to score. He went 2-3 with a walk tonight. He hit a double in the 8th inning plating 2 and starting a mini rally. He then scored one of his 2 runs later in the inning in on a teammates double. If the A's had made a comeback Donaldson would have been the leading factor and would have been the star of the game.
Star 2: Will Middlebrooks
Its about time I am able to write about this guy in a positive light, its seemed like so long since I was able to say something good about him. While he only went 1-4 tonight he did hit a 3 run home run in the 4th inning, a hit that hopefully helps Middlebrooks get out of the slump he is in. He scored twice tonight and looks to be again gaining confidence at the plate and is starting to see more pitches at the plate.
Star 1: Mike Napoli
Lord O Mighty! If Mike Napoli is able to keep this pace all season he will be a legend by July. Napoli continued his blistering hot streak to start the season tonight with another game at the plate. Going 2-4 with 2 runs scored helped but the key contribution made by Napoli was the ball he went down low to get, a golf like swing, that went over the monster for a grand slam. Napoli had 5 RBI's tonight, catapulting him into the MLB lead in the category through 19 games. Napoli also scored twice tonight and seems extremely comfortable hitting in the 5 spot, right behind David Ortiz.

Will Napoli keep this pace up? What do you think about the teams response tonight after dropping both games of their doubleheader yesterday? Let me know in the comments below or on twitter @Ryanthahawaiian.