3 Stars of the game: Game 20

At about noon today I thought it would be fun to see how much Red Sox tickets were on stubhub and well the cheapest ones were $7.50. I couldn't pass up a night in Fenway for that price no matter what the weather forecast was. Well turns out that was a bad idea, a very bad idea. It rained all night, Aceves was awful, the bats were silent for the Sox and the game was called after 7. Well maybe the game being called after 7 was one of the high spots in the night. Oakland distributed their offense throughout their team tonight so its kind of hard to pick just 3 stars of the game but I did my best so here they are:

Star 3: John Jaso
Jaso called a fantastic game behind the plate for Colon, he kept Sox hitters guessing the entire night and helped Colon look like a Cy Young candidate. Jaso also had a great game at the plate hammering the ball off of Red Sox pitching. He went 3-4 on the night with 2 RBI's and scored 2 of the teams 13 runs.
Star 2: Brandon Moss
Moss helped the Athletics jump all over Aceves in the 3rd inning, with a 2 run single. Moss had an identical hitting line as Jaso, going 3-4 with 2 RBI's and 2 runs scored. He also struck out once.
Star 1: Bartolo Colon
Colon looked like Justin Verlander and Stephen Strausburg combined into one pitcher out there tonight. He looked like the kind of pitcher that comes around only once a decade. He shut down Red Sox hitters allowing only 3 hits on the night, pitching a complete game in the rain shortened 7 inning game. He struck out 7 and got the shutout, allowing 0 runs.

Tonight was awful in the ballpark, but Im glad I went. I got to sit in the third row for the last 2 innings because the ushers realized that the ballpark was pretty much empty and people want to sit somewhere close to the players. The team announced attendance at 29,006 but there is no way that many people were there. I would be shocked if there were 20,000. The bleachers were at most 20% full at their most populated time. It may be sad but its true when I say that the highlight of my night may be when I got off the t and my college shuttle driver gave me a drink from DD. At least Lester is pitching tomorrow and hopefully this was a wake up call for the Red Sox bats.