4 real? Four at bats that changed the game. Red Sox vs Jays 4-30-13

Game 26: Boston comes back, but the Jays are
 too powerful . Jays win 9-7
Jon Lester is on the mound, the Red Sox are high off of a four game sweep, and the lowly Jays are the opponent. Everything was set up for this to be a laughable game, but like Stella, Lester couldn't get his groove back and The Jays used two Edwin Encarnacion bombs to overpower the Red Sox. Here are the four at bats that changed the game:

1) Bottom of the third inning, and the Jays are batting. Brett Lawrie singles and the Lester walks Rajai Davis and Jose Bautista. With Encarnacion up, Jarrod Saltalamacchia catches a pitch and tries to pick off Bautista at first. His throw sails to Mike Napoli's right, and two runs walk in easily to put the Jays up 3-0. Obviously, giving away runs kills momentum. See the error here.

2) Top of the forth inning, and The Red Sox are determined to come back from a 4-0 hole. David Ortiz stays hot and hits a tailing fastball a long way into the right-center bleachers. Mike Carp then follows suit with a solo shot of his own to right center and the Red Sox have cut the lead in half 4-2. See Ortiz's shot here.

3) Top of the seventh, and an Encarnacion and Jonny Gomes homeruns have put the Jays up 6-4. Jacoby Ellsbury is at first, and Daniel Nava hits a routine double play ball to Munenori Kawasaki, but he throws the ball into right field. The misplay allows the inning to continue and puts runners at the corners. Dustin Pedroia walks, and David Ortiz deals a crushing blow with a sharp line drive over Bautista's head to clear the bases and put the Sox up for the first time all game 7-6. Cue the trumpets, and bring out the strong bullpen, this game is over!

4) Bottom of the seventh inning, and Junichi Tazawa is facing Edwin Encarnacion with a man on. Tazawa pitches him a ball low in the zone, and Edwin hits in the stands, putting the Jays up 8-7. See Encarnacion's HR here.

Toronto never looked back, beating the Red Sox 9-7. Out of all the games this year, you would have had fun watching this one. Filled with home runs  comebacks and exciting defensive plays from Brett Lawrie and Dustin Pedroia, baseball fans will talk about this game for a while. Too bad Boston didn't pull through in the end, but there is always tomorrow!
Tomorrow, Clay Buchholz faces Mark Buehrle at 7:07 in Toronto. Here's to winning one tomorrow!

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