Adam Jones takes a cheap shot at the Red Sox

Last night, Adam Jones, the Orioles' star center fielder tweeted what appeared to be a shot at the Red Sox:
Jones is preparing to take on the Red Sox for Fenway's home opener today, and we do have somewhat of a history with fried chicken, so yes, this is the first dramatic story line of Sox vs. O's 2013.

I used to feel bad for the Orioles. They were terrible, we beat them up, and NESN promos would always refer to them as the "basement dwellers of the AL East". Then Robert Andino happened in September 2011. Then they got really lucky last year and snuck into the playoffs (although it was easy to root for them against the Yankees in October). Then I remembered that Orioles fans are also Ravens fans.

Now Adam Jones, someone who was easy to root for, takes a shot at them -- a terribly overplayed, and year-old shot at that. Although fried chicken, beer, and video games were not an issue last season, Bobby Valentine still made the team a joke. So far, this year's team has a much different feel to it behind John Farrell. Hopefully the Sox can show Jones and the Orioles that this is not the same team as last year, and that starts today.

I would be more than happy if Buchholz played a little chin music with Baltimore on Opening Day, sparking a season long rivalry between the two clubs.

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